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Back. Sort of.

Returned from the Philippines a few days ago, and I’m still battling with jetlag. Going back to Wonderland was quite a trip. (All the puns intended.)

Now that I’ve returned to Brooklyn, I’m hitting the reset button on life: renewed focus on Tinsel, unavoidable pull towards developing something worthwhile globally (starting with the Philippines), and all while relentlessly creating a home in the apartment. Essentially, I’ve had the pleasure of being witness to a clearer image of who I am and what I’m meant to do.

How mathematical and beautiful this has all turned out to be.  

To aid in my sleepless nights, I finished the latest Lev Grossman. The Magician’s Land proved to be a wonderful little rabbit hole, perfect for falling and losing your footing. Speaking of a rabbit hole, picked up the latest Murakami. Quick read. Older Murakami novels already on the way to the apartment as we speak. Hallelujah, Amazon Prime. Time to renew ye olde library card.